Circus Funtasia Tour rolls into Somerset

Roll up, roll up. The circus is in town. Circus Funtasia brings all you would expect and hope for from a circus. Read our post and take in the thrilling images.  From beginning to end the circus was an experience x1000.  The big top, courteous staff and skilled acts. And a bar.  Fortunate to be invited to a ringside view, wowed as Circus Funtastia tour rolls into Somerset on the SouthWest leg of their national tour.

The big wheel, jaw dropping.
The Geek – modern day clown, was perfection.

The Geek is a welcome replacement for a traditional clown, and expect to see thrilling tightrope / aerialists, acrobats, death defying stunts that will have you on the edge of your seats.

Flames, heat, music, astonishing.

Set in a colourful heated big top, with bright lighting and loud music. Scents of childhood; of whimsical popcorn and candy floss; hot dogs and slush puppies transport you into a different world.

Poetry in motion

Hand balancing
Hard core gymnastics
Death defying stunts, one hand over our eyes, fingers spread open.

Be transported by their website and social media:

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Circus Funtasia is The Greatest Showman in modern day. With state of the art lighting and modern acts, the traditional circus acts mixes seamlessly with the modern-day circus that will delight and evoke memories of childhood.

Animal free, whole family entertainment that gets the Love for Somerset seal of approval.

Circus funtasia tour of southwest uk

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