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An interview with photographer Ryan Carrington | Somerset Stories

Somerset Stories interviews notable Somerset creatives from the successful Love for Somerset Instagram hub. Showcasing our unique community is something we love doing on Instagram.  And we’re looking forward to seeing your story here too.  This week it’s Ryan’s turn, also known as @thisiscarrington.

All images in this interview are courtesy of Ryan Carrington.

Welcome Ryan, tell us your background and how you got into photography…

I grew up in London and later in Birmingham, before relocating to Bristol in 2012.  My first camera was a birthday present from my girlfriend in 2014 but it took me a couple of years before I finally got serious about it and took it off Auto.  Just wanting to capture the things around me.  And then I got my hands on a camera.

I watched A LOT of photography vlogs and tutorials on YouTube (still do!) which just had me completely inspired and driven to create.

Park Street, Bristol

We love our editing style here at LFS, how would you describe your photography style?

Who knows?! I’m still trying to find that out myself!

I love the escapism of photography and I’m moving in the direction of a more vibrant and high contrast aesthetic.  Which includes a bit of everything, really;  landscapes, street, travel, drone…

Sometimes, I’ll feel uninspired and unmotivated by a certain style of photography, so i’ll switch it up to keep things fresh.


Pulteney Bridge at Dusk


Inspiration is everywhere, who inspires you?

Ah, way too many sources. Various instagrammers, movies, film directors, art work… I could go on.  Inspiration is everywhere (although it can hide from time to time!)


We’ve featured your images more than once on Love for Somerset. Why do you have Love for Somerset?

Why not? It’s a beautiful place with great people.


Great answer!  One we agree with wholeheartedly.  Clearly you have a creative drive, what’s next for you?

Let’s see!

For now, I’m just going to try and improve my skills in making photo’s.


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