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3 top tips to get hub features on Instagram

Our 3 top tips get features on Instagram will increase your chance of having your images chosen by a hub.

You’ve read hundreds of articles about how to get your image featured on Instagram. But they’re so complicated it makes your head hurt a little.

This is where we step in….as an Instagram hub since 2015 @loveforsomerset, we know exactly what images catch our eye. And how to style our grid. The creatives in our hub know exactly what to do because it’s organic and fun.

The images on this blog post are a great example of what catches our eye at Love for Somerset.

Keeping our Instagram grid clean, colourful and eye catching is important. As is enjoying our community of creatives, photographers and lovers of Somerset. Your unique perspective is what makes our feed stand out from the crowd.

First of all. What’s a hub…

A hub (AKA feature account), are accounts on Instagram that feature images throughout the day, through their specific hashtag. For example ours is #loveforsomerset

An individual will use the #loveforsomerset to be seen by us. And potentially chosen for our grid. Like-minded individuals engage with that image and you potentially find a new fan. It’s a wise and heartening way to grow your Instagram. And the community online.

Now we know what a hub is, let’s crack on with our 3 top tips and get your image featured on Instagram.

Tip 1

Tag away

Starting with the big hitter……hashtags.

Using hashtags is a game changer.

I know, you don’t love using them…it takes time and there’s not a lot of that to spare. See our timesaving hacks further into the article.

Consistent use of hashtags in regards to Instagram hub selection will get you results.

Instagram takes up to 30 #’s per post.

Hashtag hacks…

Look at the accounts you admire. What #’s are they using? Make a note of them.

Cut and paste from your phone notes if necessary.

Put in the first comment rather than the post itself. But do this quickly and preferably before anyone else comments.

Make sure your tags are relevant to your content.

Some great ones other than #loveforsomerset #lovefordorset #loveforwiltshire and #loveforhampshire include:

#capturingcolour, #swisbest, #visitbritain, #visitbath, #visitbrisol, #visitsomerset, #somersetlife, #thisprettyengland, #ukpotd #igcountryside, #wanderlust, #photosofengland, #lovegreatbritain and so on.

Tip 2

Engagement isn’t just for the happy couple…

To engage means to be a part of the hub. Champion other photographers and celebrate if their image gets chosen.

If your image gets chosen then people will celebrate with you too. Which feels epic.

You’ll stand out from the crowd as being an active part of the hub.

Engagement hacks…

Know the hub. It’ll make you familiar with the style and ambience. Do your photo’s fit that style?

It’s important you enjoy the vibe too, otherwise you won’t want to engage. So choose your hubs wisely!

You’ll also feel comfortable knowing the hub rules; which can include shut downs for holidays, time restriction for image selection and whether to tag with the @ or the # or DM.

Don’t forget to thank the host for featuring you on your own stories or grid!

Tip 3

Location, location, location…

Say no to borders

Area/location specific hubs favour recognisable landmarks or iconic images that represent that area.

Shot in a new or interesting perspective/composition won’t fail to catch the eye. For example we spotted an image on IGERS Somerset UK Instagram taken by a pigeon.

Be different, yet totally ‘you’.

Consistent yet daring.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing. As is sticking to what you know. Both is fine. Take a breath…what do you see?

Picture taking hacks…

Take your images in portrait as they look better aesthetically on Instagram.

And….no borders. They distract from the image, as do large copyright marks.

Clean, clear, concise wins the day.

Include the location as precisely as you can. In the caption or add a geotag.

Found our 3 top tips – get hub features on Instagram helpful? Pass it on to others who may benefit from it. After all, this hub is about fun and being open hearted. Come hang out with us.